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Our Story

How Everything Started...

Established in 2023 by a team of young, passionate individuals, Taski is a Tokyo-based brand with a heartfelt mission. 

At one point, the team discovered something wonderful: the global appreciation for Japanese cuisine had sparked an increased demand for Japanese-made knives, boosting the knife industry's international exports. This discovery filled the team with a sense of pride and purpose.

Yet, this journey also unveiled challenges that tugged at their hearts – the misuse of the "Made in Japan" label, the need for fairer recognition of our skilled blade craftsmen, and the trend of replacing inexpensive knives too soon.

Moved by these insights, the team at Taski embraced a vision that extended beyond just creating 100% made in Japan knives. Their ambition was to not only sustain the livelihoods of our artisans and simplify maintenance for daily use but also to craft knives that would be cherished for a longer time, thus reigniting the world's affection for the true essence of "Made in Japan."

In August 2023, Taski breathed life into its vision, thanks to the enthusiastic support from around the world through a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Taski's Philosophy

At Taski, our vision extends beyond being a mere knife brand.

Taski is committed to rekindling a once ubiquitous ethos of consumption – cherishing and enduringly using high-quality products. Our mission is to encapsulate and impart the elegance of this philosophy through personal, tangible experiences.

Born to embody this philosophy, Taski is designed to be a knife that is loved and used for a long time in households. We prioritize a harmonious blend of functionality and user-friendliness, emphasizing the ease of essential maintenance tasks such as sharpening, a natural aspect of knife care.

Our aspiration is for Taski to become an integral part of your culinary journey, enhancing the joy of daily cooking and elevating the ambience of special occasions, making them even more extraordinary and memorable.

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The Story Behind the Name Taski

The name "Taski" draws inspiration from the traditional Japanese "Tasuki" (襷), originally a functional cord used to fasten kimono sleeves, facilitating unimpeded movement. This practical item evolved into a symbol of continuity and heritage in Japanese relay races, where tasuki cords replaced batons, embodying the valuable legacy passed from generation to generation.

Taski knives aspire to reflect the essence of their namesake, emphasizing premium quality, authenticity, sustainability, and contemporary usability. Taski promises to be a symbol of products that pass on Japan's rich traditional craftsmanship and cultural heritage to the next generation, putting responsible consumption practices that were once taken for granted back into the hands of the world for a better future.

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