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Taski Chef's Knife

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The Chef's Knife is a comprehensive kitchen tool designed to handle a variety of cutting tasks with aplomb. It effortlessly cuts through various meats, providing clean, precise cuts, whether it's tender chicken or firm beef.

The moderate blade length and light weight, which are easy on the wrist, make it possible to perform both simple tasks like chopping herbs and more labor-intensive tasks like slicing thick cuts of meat with ease and precision.

・Versatile for everyday cooking
・Light on your wrist
・Slip-resistant and easy to grip octagonal handle

Complimentary sharpener for first time customers.
With your first purchase, you'll receive a complimentary Taski Rolling Sharpener at no additional cost.


・Made in Seki, Japan


 - Blade: 33-layer Damascus Steel (Core steel: AUS-8)

 - HRC: 58~60

 - Handle: Octagonal profile / Laminated reinforced wood

・Length: 13.7" / 35cm

・Blade length: 8.5" / 21.5cm

・Weight: 145g

Use, Care, and Warranty

・Hand wash (never dishwasher) and dry immediately after use

・Visit our Use & Care Guide for more care instructions

・All Taski Knife products come with a 10-year warranty against defects. For all products, we will replace any defective knives. Learn more about our warranty policy here and what's covered.

Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Bella (Kickstarter Backer)
Amazing Knife

This knife is absolutely amazing. I love using it every day.

Max (Kickstarter Backer)

Sharp, but a bit pricey.

Ava (Kickstarter Backer)

This knife is fantastic. It’s super sharp and makes cooking so much easier.

J.T. (Kickstarter Backer)
Good Buy

I'm really happy with this purchase. The knife is sharp and the design is sleek.

Henry (Kickstarter Backer)
Best Purchase

Best purchase ever!

Special Offers

100% Authentic Japan Quality

Taski knives are meticulously handcrafted by the skilled artisans of Seki City in Gifu Prefecture, renowned as one of the world's three major blade-producing regions. The tradition of blade-making in Seki City has a rich history, dating back approximately 800 years. These knives have gained a reputation for their 'sharp cutting edge,' 'durable core,' and 'resistance to chipping.'

Easily Maintainable Material with Purpose

Taski has selected AUS-8 steel, prioritizing ease of maintenance for home chefs. This material offers sufficient functionality for home cooking, combining resilience and toughness. It is notably simpler to sharpen in a home kitchen compared to stainless steel knives made from materials like VG-10. Furthermore, when it comes to rust resistance, a crucial factor in knife upkeep, AUS-8 proves to be far more resilient than carbon steel knives.

Perfect Balance of Size and Precision

Taski's chef's knife stands out for its balance of size and ease of use, featuring a 21 cm blade length. This blade length is sufficiently long to handle a wide range of tasks, from slicing meat to performing detailed work such as chopping vegetables, providing the versatility needed for various cutting tasks.

Chef's knife that won’t tire you out

Have you ever felt burdened by the weight of a chef's knife with a long blade, turning your passion for cooking into a tedious chore? Weighing in at a mere 145g, the Taski Chef’s Knife glides through food effortlessly, preventing wrist strain even during extensive chopping sessions!

Taski's Commitment

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