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Design Your Signature Taski Knife!

The ultimate cooking knife should be personalized for each user’s style and needs! Taski aims to be the top brand for custom cooking knives, starting with engraving your name in your chosen style for a truly unique blade!

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Custom Engraving on Your Taski Knife

The Only One in the World

Transform your everyday kitchen tool into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece – uniquely yours, unmatched in the world!

Custom Laser Text Engraving

Personalize your blade with your preferred text in the style you love, ensuring a mood boost every time you enter the kitchen!

The Best Personalized Gift Experience

Elevate your gifting game! Whether it's for your loved one or business, our personalized cooking knife guarantees to make every recipient feel special.

Get a Free Design Review

You can confirm the final design image via email for free before moving into actual production. We ensure perfection, leaving no room for errors!

The Best Taski Knife Even Gets Better

Taski's highest quality knives, meticulously crafted by Japanese craftsmen, offer a perfect blend of sharpness and ease of maintenance. With personalized touches, they become truly extraordinary!

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1. Fill the Form

Please specify the product you would like to have engraved and the desired text for engraving via the form. Requests can be made using the alphabet, Kanji, Katakana, or Hiragana.

2. Receive a Preview Image

Based on your request, Taski will send you an image data of the completed design preview for free of charge.

3. Complete Your Order

If you like the previewed product, we will send you a link to the order page. If you're not satisfied, revisions are possible.

Please note the following:

・Engraved products cannot be returned.

・We cannot accept returns or exchanges due to customer errors in text or design selection.

・Orders cannot be canceled or returned after confirmation of your desired text or design.

・If a product is exchanged within the 10-year product warranty period due to unforeseen circumstances, the replacement product will not be engraved with a message. Please note that the engraving service you applied for at the time of purchase cannot be performed again.

Please read the above carefully before using our engraving service.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Coming soon: Make Your Dream Cooking Knife with Taski!

Taski is becoming the very first brand to offer FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE Japanese knives.

We start with custom blade engravings but we aim higher! Picture making your dream knife by customizing both the blade and handle to perfectly match your personal style and culinary needs!

Currently, we specialize in personalized blade engravings, but Taski is on the way to becoming the pioneer in offering entirely customizable cooking knives.

With Taski, you can transform your cooking knife from a mere kitchen tool into a unique masterpiece that represents your personal touch!

More exciting news on the horizon. Follow us at @taski_knife for all the latest news!

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