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Precision Artistry

Smart future investment with artisan-crafted,
Heirloom Quality Japanese Knives

"A blade that stays sharp"

means that once perfect sharpness is lost, restoring it becomes an impossible task and burden for you.

Taski now sets a new standard in your kitchen with its lasting sharpness, effortlessly maintainable by anyone.

Once you experience it, it'll redefine your cutting edge.

Exceptional Sharpness
Crafted by Japanese Artisans

Overwhelming sharpness created by the unparalleled techniques of craftsmen who have continued a legacy spanning hundreds of years.

Savoring the pinnacle of these age-old techniques in your kitchen will surely make your everyday life a bit more delightful.

Premium Quality Steel:
Sourced from TOYOTA Supplier

As a result of out extensive research on various steel materials, Taski knives are crafted from high-quality materials, with the core steel sourced from TOYOTA Group's specialty steel manufacturer.

Taski has struck the perfect balance between exceptional sharpness and effortless sharpening for home chefs.

Taski's Secret

We unveil the passion behind Taski, the meticulous craftsmanship of skilled artisans, and the balance of tradition and innovation that we cherish.

"Revolutionary Knife Like No Other"

Taski knives maximize the flavor of the ingredients themselves with their exceptional sharpness. Their ease of maintenance also makes them among the most trusted choices for the top chefs I work with in Japan.

Masashi Fujiwara

Japan Houchou Togi Association Chairman

Third generation owner of Tsukiyama Yoshitaka Cutlery. After serving as the manager of various department stores, he took over 'Tsukiyama Yoshitaka Cutlery' and began researching how sharpness affects taste of food. In 2017, he founded the nonprofit organization, Japan Houchou Togi Association, and became its chairman, working to promote the culture of knife sharpening. He has also supervised several books on kinves and sharpening, establishing himself as an expert on knives and sharpness.

"The Knife I Most Recommend to Chefs Today"

Unparalleled sharpness, a lightweight design suitable for all users, and stunning aesthetics—Taski knives epitomize the ultimate in cutlery. The sheer pleasure of a "stress-free slice" is something everyone who loves cooking worldwide should experience!

Kimiaki Usuki

Tsukiji Bon Marche

After graduating from Ecole Tsuji Tokyo, Kimiaki worked for five years at Ponte Vecchio in Aoyama and another five years at Grape Gumbo in Ginza before moving to Italy. In the Chianti region of Tuscany, he spent four years at the constantly booked and renowned high-end restaurant, RISTORO DI LAMORE. Upon returning to Japan, he became the head chef at Tsukiji Bon Marche in 2009.


Taski's knives are crafted in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, which is renowned as one of the three major blade-producing areas in the world.

Seki City boasts a rich 800-year history of blade production. Known as a mecca for Japanese sword-making, the 'Seki swords' forged here are renowned for being among the most beautiful and refined Japanese swords.

Each Taski knife embodies the passion and meticulous craftsmanship of skilled artisans from a historic local blade manufacturer


"Taski knives are genuinely handcrafted by us in Seki.

To craft the finest knives, we don't just sharpen our skills; we also pour our hearts into fostering the passion and dedication of each artisan.

As the factory manager, it fills me with joy to see our years of effort in every Taski knife, and to know you can feel their excellence in your hands."

The Story
Behind the Name Taski

The name "Taski" draws inspiration from the traditional Japanese "Tasuki" (襷), originally a functional cord used to fasten kimono sleeves, facilitating unimpeded movement. This practical item evolved into a symbol of continuity and heritage in Japanese relay races, where tasuki cords replaced batons, embodying the valuable legacy passed from generation to generation.

Taski knives aspire to reflect the essence of their namesake, emphasizing premium quality, authenticity, sustainability, and contemporary usability. Taski promises to be a symbol of products that pass on Japan's rich traditional craftsmanship and cultural heritage to the next generation, putting responsible consumption practices that were once taken for granted back into the hands of the world for a better future.

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